This does not mean careless criticism of employees ' results or the judging of employees according to their character qualities or private life. It is an absolutely professional feedback that aims to increase performance efficiency and other motivation. Such a link may include various aids, questionnaires, or information from colleagues and other superiors. This creates an objective view of employees and a summary of its results, successes and failures. It is also about the fact that the employee will be able to express his opinion, suggestions and insights.
To work with pleasure
Professional employee evaluation gives both the company and employees the opportunity to comment on individual performances, situations and goals. Absolutely without fear, the employee will be able to say his opinion and defend his actions. Finally, he learns how his participation in the company is seen by the employer. Such a meeting gives people the opportunity to express themselves and motivate. It is then up to every individual who wants to take a meeting from such a gathering, and how to dispose of it.