We do not have to deal here and now that feedback is an important means of any company, organization or company to effectively evaluate employees. This is very clear To all. But let's try to think about what we want this tool to follow, where we want to go, what we want to improve. Of course, the best focus is on the integrity that we get with comprehensive information about employees, relationships in the workplace, and so on. The tool you want to tailor for your business can be focused on personality, self-regulation, work performance, or the work process itself. But also for everything together.
Results will not be in sight
If you concentrate on evaluating workers in one sphere or in the whole complex view, you will surely get the information that you can change your company strategy for the better almost from day to day, after evaluation. The results will not appear unimaginably for a long time, but relatively in the near future. The climate of the whole business will turn into an environment where people will love to remain. They will work better and will be simply satisfied.