Get to the Congress hotel. There is a quiet and peaceful Prostredie, where you will be determined to be a couple and where Milo Radi Privítame. Hotel ponúka svojim hostyom tomášovský na šumavskej kopca. It is situated on the territory of Tatier, Kusok odtiaľ plan Rakúskej and German border. Ideal is the family holiday, the company shares and Školenia, or here plan to rôzne types of straw. Come and stay with us, we tell you that you're going to be here.
Our hotel
Our Congress hotel is a lot of vyžitie, but behold the rest and the Priamo in Hoteli. Free of charge for the duration of your stay will be the indoor pool with anti-prúdom, sauna and massage rooms pool. You can then pay for the fee to the wellness procedúry at the hotel. Radi, we could lure you to the kitchen, Ktorej dominated by Majster Kuchár and on the Ktorú, you will be Radi and Dlho. Wi-Fi Internet access is available in the hotel.