For decades, the lighting of the outdoor space, as well as production halls and other places, has been completely perfect. This light source has become almost indispensable. Wherever you want to feel safe after dark and where you want to have a really perfect light, you can use this light source everywhere. You can use them in the lighting of streets, parking lots, parks, industrial and sports areas, but also in production and workshops or shop window stores, etc. Of course, it also depends on the type of light source and what exactly it is intended and into what type of luminaire. In our really diverse offer you can find light sources for all purposes at a great price.
You are also guaranteed to choose
You will find in our range of different types, models and designs of outdoor lamps, which include sodium and mercury lamps, for their selection you need to take care of the type of socket, i.e. thread, wattage and power, and of course also on other parameters such as temperature Colour or luminous flux, and especially you need to know what kind of light source you need in your type of luminaire. We have light sources for you, halide, for which the various parameters are also decisive when selecting them. As you can see, our offer is really huge. All products in the highest quality and under favorable price conditions. In addition, we are happy to help you choose the right light source.