Little Norma Jane Mortenson could never suspect that, in adulthood, she was stained on blond, renamed and became an idol of the 1950s. You can guess that the speech is about the actress and singer Marylin Monroe. Her beauty and charm took the breath of men all over the world. The then President of the United States of America, Kenedy, was sucked. As it is sometimes, a handsome face is not all, and so even though her career was on top, she had no such happiness in her personal life.
Glory versus Solace
Yes, even this beauty, although it was famous and rich, did not have everything. In front of the audience, in luxury women's dresses, in which each of her curves excelled, and with red-painted lips, she looked confident and satisfied. Yes, she had a lot of admirers, she was twice married, and her lovers always had to spare, yet she often felt lonely. She was psychologically unstable, and it was one of the reasons that she took her life in the fatal fifth of August.