How to Dress for Kentucky Derby Race

When in the United States, on an annual basis there exists a horse race festival called Kentucky Derby. This Kentucky Derby is a festival that does not take few days as may be thought since it takes a minimum of two weeks. This is a festival that is liked by many people, and now, the attendants amount up to 150000 people annually. How people dress for this festival is very important. This is one of the most loved and ultimate events in the United States, and therefore you shall enjoy a lot upon attending to this event. Make sure you set plans that will enable you to remember the times this event is held. Here is a perfect guide for dressing for Kentucky Derby festival.

Men want to have the best dressing code for the festival that makes them stand out uniquely and get admired too. To discover this, you can decide to go for seersuckers. Men today have a couple of strategies to style rather than the ancient one of only tie and suits. Patterned or a brightly coloured jacket with solid pants can make you appear better as a man. For an additional perfect look, you can decide to loom for a matching hat. You may also decide to go for a bright coloured loafer for footwear.

Women hats are no doubts and among the must-have, for women to be allowed entry into the Kentucky Derby Festival. When choosing for the dressing option, a woman is advised to start with the hat. From many hats styles, you may choose wide-brimmed straw or even chiffon creation. Try to perfect on your dressing code to be presentable. You can also decide to have an oversized flower hat. Looking decent and stylish in this Kentucky Derby festival is what is recommended.

A reverse dressing order is necessary for women to fit for this festival that is from up to bottom. When you have selected the right hat for you, it is now time to make a match of the hat with a good dress. When you have a solid traditional hat, it will be a match and better if you find a brightly coloured dress for an outfit. Footwear is also key since the event lasts for the whole day. An option for you to pack a pair of flats to change later can be suitable.

If you need to get the right dressing code for a Kentucky Derby, this article serves you better. A fitting dressing code for you need to be your choice out of the many that exists.