With moving around Prague you have a really rich experience. You've been living in this city for some time now, and a few of your acquaintances have decided to change your residence in that time. You are always willing to help them and you certainly know that it was not such a good decision. Such an action is much more challenging than it may seem. Wearing very heavy things from stairs and stairs is definitely not good for ruining health. Moreover, the exertive, aching muscles and endless crossing from old housing to new. You just imagine it and you're sick.
There is also another option
Therefore, when you were planning to do something like that, you decided not to bother your friends, but rather to contact someone who has such experience and is very happy to do the job for you. This is why you have hired a company that is engaged in this activity and everything has been done without any problems. The whole event took place exactly as agreed and you did not have to deal with anything, which would be appreciated by anyone who has already passed something such and knows what hell it can really be.